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www.fwbl.com.pk | First Women Bank Limited is the very first bank that has covered the special needs of women – one of the top banks in Lahore. As the name suggests this bank was founded by our own Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto (Late) in 1989.

This bank strives to provide solutions to the financial problems faced by the women of Pakistan. First Women Bank Limited has the privilege that banks in Tanzania and India have replicated it’s infra- structure.

First Women Bank Online Banking at www.fwbl.com.pk

If you want to bank online with First Women Bank, visit www.fwbl.com.pk. First Women Bank offers online banking, also known as e-banking service to its account holders since long.

The Online Banking Facility is available at branches all over Pakistan to the customers of FWBL. Cash may be accepted at a branch for crediting accounts at another branch, Cheques can be paid by a branch by debiting the customer’s account at another branch. With the online banking, customers can do following tasks online 24/7.

  • Payments of Cheques
  • Cash Receipts
  • Transfer of Funds through cheques or cash between Branches

How to Bank Online with FWBL?

Banking online with FWBL is very easy, simple, convenient and secure. If you want to sign up for First Women Bank Limited internet banking, you must fulfill the following requirements:


  • You must already have bank account at any of FWBL branches in Pakistan
  • Must have account details like phone number, email address and account number
  • Working internet connection with web enabled PC or mobile phone

To see the detailed procedure, please follow the following instructions.

Open the account:

Women have their special needs that are very difficult to fulfill. But when you visit the site of First Women Bank Limited, you will feel amazed as to how many services and account are there. Open an account in First Women Bank Limited by visiting a branch near to you and fill a form with all the details required. Within a few minutes your account will be approved and ready to use.

Activate your online account:

Although this bank was established long ago but still lacks the facility of online banking on its website. But it is important to know how to activate the online account if they provide this in the future.

When you will be provided the facility, you will enter user name, CNIC, account number and select the password that suits you and apply now. Instantly you will receive the message of confirmation.

Login to online account of First Women Bank Limited:

This is just a hunch as to how you will login to your account of First Women Bank Limited. Like any other bank site go to the login page and type user name and password to login to your account.

You can view many things there and can get these benefits; manage the account, change specific details of you account, make payment and select the method, alerts of different sorts and much more.

How to Login Step by Step:

  1. Visit the Login Page [http://www.fwbl.com.pk]
  2. Enter the login credentials i.e. User ID and the Password
  3. Click the “Login” button to access your FWBL account online

User name and password retrieving:

First Women Bank Limited has not yet decided as to what will be the procedure to retrieve the user name and password. But keep visiting to see any further developments.

Along with other things the mobile app is yet to be developed but it is in the process of consideration.

No one has ever thought of opening  bank that could solely fulfill the purpose of satisfying the needs of women but, Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto (Late) was the only one to do so as she was herself a woman and knew the problems faced by women in Pakistan.

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