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Avail Bank Alfalah internet banking and online mobile banking from here with complete guide. Customers visit login portal to access their online banking account. Customers just need login credentials to access their online Bank Alfalah banking account or enter username & password to securely access their netbanking account.

Bank Alfalah Limited – Pakistan

Bank Alfalah Limited is a private bank in Pakistan owned by the Abu Dhabi Group. launched on June 21, 1997, the Bank Alfalah is the 5th largest bank of Pakistan with 648 branches in Pakistan with a representative office in the UAE.

Bank Alfalah Internet Banking

Bank Alfalah login page helps customers login to their internet banking account from anywhere 24/7. With Alfalah bank internet banking service, customers can manage their bank account online to:

  • View statements
  • Bank Alfalah online balance check
  • Access account information
  • Bank Alfalah credit card helpline
  • Enable bank Alfalah mobile banking
  • Transfer funds from on account to other banks
  • Transfer money online
  • And much more. Login Portal

People mostly visit which is online login portal of Bank Alfalah online banking service. Here customers can find login panel and enter their login information like username & password to access their account.

Login Requirements:

  • Must be more than legal age i.e. 18 years old.
  • Must already register for netbanking account.
  • Have working internet connection.
  • Web enabled device such as PC or mobile phone.

How to Login?

  1. Visit the webpage
  2. Read carefully, and close the popup window
  3. Locate the login panel at the left side of the login page
  4. Enter the login information i.e. username & password
  5. Finally hit the “Login” button to access your account

What if You Forgot Password?

In case you lost your login details like password, you can recover it. Simply visit the Bank Alfalah login page and click the link Forgot Password? to visit the next page. Here on this page you can:

Step 1: Enter your username.
Step 2: Select your security question from the options available.
Step 3: Enter the correct answer, and click ‘Submit‘.

Now, your login password will be send to you via SMS and email.

Bank Alfalah Mobile Banking

Customers who have Bank Alfalah internet banking account can also sign up for mobile banking service. Signing up for Bank Alfalah mobile banking is very simple. Just Download Android or iOS app in your Smartphone or iPhone respectively to avail this service or submit Alfalah mobile banking registration online.

With Bank Alfalah mobile banking, customers can access their online banking account on the go. So, whether you’re on the road with long journey, or you’re in park on with your family, you can sign in or login to your Bank Alfalah mobile banking account with a few tabs anywhere in Pakistan.

Bank Alfalah Helpline

If you still have any questions on Alfalah bank login and online banking, or you need any assitance on other topics like what are the bank alfalah internet banking charges, what is bank alfalah credit card helpline number, what is bank alfalah islamic, or what is bank alfalah orbit, simply contact Bank Alfalah Helpline at: 111 225 111 or visit the webpage

Alfalah Contact Center

From within Pakistan dial: + 21 111-225-111 or + 42 111-225-111
From outside Pakistan dial: + 92 21 111-225-111 or + 92 42 111-225-111

For card authorization: 042 111-225-786

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