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Dubai Islamic Bank Online: This Dubai based Islamic Bank was opened in 2006 in Pakistan. It was originally established in 1975 in Dubai, UAE. It is the largest bank of UAE that has incorporated Islamic principles in all its fields of banking.

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Like any international bank, Dubai Islamic Bank claims to provide one of the best online banking service in Pakistan. With the repute of good customer service, Dubai Islamic Bank actually giving tough time to its viral banks in online banking service.

With Dubai Islamic bank Online Banking, customers can login to their account from anywhere by visiting  This online website helps customers login to Dubai Islamic bank account with simply with login credentials i.e. User ID and Password.

Advantages of Dubai Islamic Internet Banking:

As a member of the Dubai Islamic Bank you get many advantages when you have access to internet banking. The following are to name a few:

  1. View your balance summary
  2. View/ download account statements
  3. Order ATM / Visa Debit Cards
  4. Book Fixed Deposits
  5. Transfer funds
  6. Make Foreign Currency Transfers
  7. Make Pay Orders and Demand Drafts
  8. Order Check Books
  9. Add new Payee’s instantly
  10. Change your Transaction PIN
  11. Lodge Complaints and view their status
  12. Set account transaction limits
  13. View Internet Banking Account Activity
  14. Personalize home page

However, to get all these benefits, you must already have bank account in any of the branches of Dubai Islamic bank. So, hurry to open a Dubai Islamic bank account and then sign up for online banking. Still confuse, okay lets see how!

Online bank account opening made easy:

Dubai Islamic Bank is the only bank in Pakistan that has the facility of applying to a bank account through online. You can apply to whatever account there is available at the website of Dubai Islamic Bank. The process is same just you have to choose the best account for you and start the procedure.

When you visit the site, there you will find many accounts to choose from. Click on the desired one and fill a form with the following and hit submit tab:

  1. Title
  2. First name
  3. Last name
  4. Email address
  5. Office number
  6. City
  7. CNIC

You will receive confirmation and the card according to the account you applied for. Next you have to activate the card and internet banking option.

Registration of internet banking option:

This is easiest task in which you have to register your account and card online by providing the card number, CNIC, NICOP, passport number and date of birth. After reading and accepting the terms and conditions click submit and within minutes your card will be registered along with the account to use online.

User Login with Dubai Islamic Internet Banking:

To protect the privacy of the customers, Dubai Islamic Bank has introduced a new way of login. When you open the login page you will find that there is only user ID, this is done for securing the customer against any cyber attack. As soon as you enter the user ID and press submit, during the time to go on the next page, Dubai Islamic Bank checks for any hackers who are trying to hack.

When they are satisfied that there is no threat then you are opened to the password page. The same time is taken and process is repeated after you type the password. As the bank knows that no security threats are there then you can operate your account.

Step by Step:

  1. Visit the Login Page of Dubai Islamic bank online or visit []
  2. Enter the User ID of your account and hit the “Submit” button
  3. Now, provide the Password and access your account online to bank online (Y)

Internet banking using Dubai Islamic Bank mobile app:

Internet banking becomes very easy when you are using mobile app. So if you are a customer of Dubai Islamic Bank then one must have the mobile app by downloading it on your phone through Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Using online login to have access to your account is the most convenient way of operating your personal or business account.

Dubai Islamic Bank Helpline

Our team tries best to provide our visitors the most updated information. However, the information give here is subjected to error. So, always confirm the information by calling at Dubai Islamic Bank Helpline phone number: 111-786-DIB(342) or 009221-111-786-DIB(342).

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